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Landing page is one page website. All design are fixed. Only small changes are allowed. Your order will be ready within 2 days

  • Malaysia

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To make an order please follow steps below

  1. Make payment to iron media
  2. Email us about your detail
    • Name
    • VID number
    • Design no.
    • Proof of payment ( payment slip attachment )
    • Your photo ( if you want to change the banner )
  3. Your order only valid after you receive a confirmation email from us

Below are details about us u need to know

Malaysian Customer

  1. Account no: 564173202346 Iron Media and Technology (MayBank)
  2. Account no: 1225-0005100-05-9 Iron Media and Technology (CIMB)
  3. Email : support_web@imtech.com.my

Indonesian Customer

  1. Account no: 842 034 6019 KCP Tambun Bekasi a/n Atang Rohyadi (BCA Bank)
  2. Account no: 125-000-253-8544 KCP Bekasi Juanda a/n Atang Rohyadi (Mandiri Bank)
  3. Email : support_web@imtech.com.my
  4. Fax : 03-78741032

Your website / landing page will be ready within 2 days